Proper care for pets

One of the most tragic things in life to see is the numerous occasions of pets being neglected or abused. It depends on your neighborhood. Even if you were living in an affluent or middle class suburb, abuse of pets, on different scales, is still rife, only because these neighborhoods are closeted with high walls and security perimeters, you don’t get to see much of what is really going on, or not, behind these walls.

That is, if you are taking your pet dog for regular walks around your neighborhood. If you are not, then you had better get down to your nearest pet store and purchase a good leash that is going to fit your dog’s neck snugly. Not taking your dog for its regular daily or twice daily walks is one of the worst forms of neglect imaginable where the domestic canine species is concerned. And do not for a moment believe that just because your cat prefers its independence, you can forget about it as well.

The feline domestic species, particularly if it is properly cared for, is very much in love with TLC. This is the popular acronym for tender love and care. And it’s not all that difficult to lovingly stroke your pet every once in a while. Just remember that if you truly do not like domestic animals, you have no business owning a pet. Animals are a lot more alert and sensitive than you are. They will quickly be able to sense when they are not loved.

Don’t let that happen to your pet. Start your love affair by taking your dog or cat to the vet at least twice a year. The vet will also be able to educate you further on how to take better care of your pet.