Additional Waterproofing a Plumber can Create for Your Home

Some basics have been mentioned around about how professional plumbing services can come to the rescue and fix a flooding basement. Sometimes the basement may continually flood for various different reasons and no matter how much of the black waterproofing sealant you put on the concrete, water still manages to come on through every single month. It is high time to call a brilliant, experienced, local Toronto plumber because they understand the conditions of the area and how they affect homes.


Such knowledge makes it easier for a hired plumbing repair professional to determine where your leak is coming from exactly. Though it may look as if the water comes out of one spot in the basement walls, it could come from a variety of places and causes. Sometimes pipes in walls crack and it manages to consistently trickle down to the foundation. Other times, the weight of the very old houses Toronto is famous for are so old, they have actually become so hardened over the years that when they crack, they eventually crack all the way and can let ground water in or even bust a main.

As long as you have your professionally trained and fully certified plumber come out on a regular basis to inspect all of the plumbing, there is no way to detect any problem until it is too late. If a problem is found with the foundation, the entire thing is taken out, then very strong weeping tile is set down. On top of that, plenty of hot tar goes down to completely waterproof it. Finally, the new slab is poured on top and the home is good to go for many more years.

To add additional protection, outside waterproofing is done afterward. This decreases the chances of it getting through a first layer of protection and the second, thus improving total longevity of the foundation.