D21 is code for lose that fat fast

When we say fast, we don’t mean lighting fast like the gorgeous Usain Bolt who’s about to head off into the glorious Jamaican sunset for a well deserved retirement.


When we say fast, we don’t mean, like straight away from the kitchen to the living room. Most girls reading this note are familiar with that journey from refrigerator to cupboard to couch and to remote. It was a painful journey back in the day. And even if it only took less than a minute to reach that soft couch, you were still breathless.

Things are, however, looking up. But you’ve still got a long way to go. A long way to go to your gym even, hectically long waits in traffic, and then some. Squeezing patiently in line in downtown gyms, patiently waiting to use the next set of apparatus which, as it turns out, is awfully difficult to use and doesn’t seem to be showing much in the way of positive results. There are still jelly rolls, and where those muscles are supposed to be is still a bit on the flabby side.

And, as the headline here has suggested, D21 is code for lose that fat fast. Girls, let’s say that again; lose that fat fast! Because that’s what this D21 exercise program is all about. It’s been deliberately coded for internet use and reading convenience. What it says is that you only need twenty one minutes per workout to lose that fat fast. And then you only need to do this three times a week. Not at the busy and sweaty gym, but in the comfort of your own home.

After three months on the high intensity program, you’ll see and feel the results you were looking for.